The #ЖитьПоддержимДругДруга (Live Support Each Other) project is a collection of stories about people and for people.
We sincerely believe that even when people do not say anything, they might need help and support.
When the going gets tough some people want to gather their thoughts and find out what tests are needed for a correct diagnosis after the troubling signs occurred. The others are looking for
information and reviews about charitable foundations that provide financial support. And
someone will find strength to fight the disease inspired by the stories of former cancer patients.

Our project unites doctors, patients and their relatives who want to help and support each other.
Yulia Pronina
beat breast cancer, gave birth to a beautiful daughter and is the leader of
"Oncomoms" project – a blog about pregnancy after cancer.
At the age of 27 Yulia was diagnosed with breast cancer. The idea of the «Oncomoms» blog was
born in the chemotherapy room, where Yulia had been told about the book of a cured
oncopatient. Yulia was also cured and wanted to be useful to others, so she created a blog where
she first published her story, and then began looking for stories of other women around the world who became mothers after oncology.

In the interview Yulia told us about how important it is to find a competent doctor, how the
recovery after the disease was going, how difficult it was to build relationships with men (after
her oncology), what remedy she found instead of visiting a psychologist.
is a brave and strong person, at the same time a feminine and gentle mother of little
Vasilisa. We recorded this interview in one breath. We hope that it will help someone to gain
self-confidence and find hope for recovery.
interview with Yulia Pronina
Timeline of the interview:
How the blog idea was born
Women don't want to talk about being cured
How much time passed after she was able to give birth to a child
Which patient's story shocked the most
More positive or negative stories
Oncology during pregnancy
About her breast reconstruction experience
Is IVF associated with cancer risk?
Has the illness changed Yulia
About the fear during the first years after cancer
About relationships with men after illness
Why she didn't talk to a psychologist
About the livejournal blog and how it helped
How to choose a doctor
It is important to meet the right people in your life
I could not understand when it would end
About oncological alertness
Why don't people go to the doctors?
A relative said not to do chemotherapy
Yulia's daughter Vasilisa
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